men's swim collection season 2

Summer '21

In the Summer of 2020, we released our inaugural men's swim collection in our Men's Swim Season 1.  2021 we are coming back for our Men's Swim Collection Season 2 for another limited series release swim trunks collection. Season 2 is all about patterns.  This 4-style limited edition collection features bold patterns, animal prints, retro throwbacks, classic summer vibes, and the same quality and design we brought in Season 1.

If you snagged any short from the Season 1 Swim Collection, then you can attest when we say we design and construct our swim trunks from some of the highest grade, soft-stretch polyester you can get.  In Season 2, we are bringing that same quality, construction, and design.  Our swim trunks in Season 2 will feature the same measurements from Season 1, and feature a 7" in seam.  For those that like their swim trunks with a more European cut, if your waistband measurements fall within 2 sizes, we recommend going with the smaller size.  

Some of the unique features why our customers love our swim trunks is our innovate mesh liner.  Inside each pair, our mesh swim liner is there for support and structure but you won't find any underwear here, as we style our liners more like boxers.  This season we've also added in a unique pocket feature that allows you to never worry about those pocket bubbles.  Our riveted pockets allow for durability of carrying everyday items when you need to, but allow for instant water flow.

Functionality is also built into every pair. Dual side pockets are built in for easy grab and go items as well as one hidden zippered back pocket to secure your essentials without fear of losing them.

Hollywood Hamilton swimsuit peony men's swim trunks
Hollywood Hamilton swimsuit close up of peony waistband
Hollywood Hamilton Clothing mens bathing suit peony print with logo close up