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Hollywood Hamilton Clothing registered logo

Currently based in Tampa, FL, Hollywood Hamilton Clothing was founded by George 'Hollywood' Hamilton. Growing up in southern New Jersey, two major metros, New York City and Philadelphia were influencing the way he looked at style & fashion. He had a deep appreciation for those that expressed their own identity through art and fashion. NYC, with its deep history of graffiti, was solidifying itself as an epicenter of east coast street culture and a haven for street artists, while Philadelphia was beginning to build it's own name as a hub for upcoming styles in underground street fashion.

Inspired and influenced by street art, street culture, and the high-fashion, Hollywood Hamilton Clothing was founded with the purpose of creating streetwear apparel that embodied style and comfort.  Like pieces of art in a collection, Hollywood Hamilton manufactures small batch, limited-edition collections, many of which, are handcrafted in the USA.

Over the years, Hollywood Hamilton has evolved not only as a brand dedicated to streetwear, but as a pedestal to showcase the art and culture for what is 'street'.

Just as a graffiti artist speaks their voice through their art, one's own choice of fashion is a form of art and self expression.  From day one, we've emphasized the importance of product quality over quantity & brand innovation over remaining ordinary.  The growth of 'HH' can be seen through our collaboration collections with artists, musicians, creators, influencers, and continued partnerships with other brands.


Our Signature 'Zig-Zag' pattern can be found across the globe.  What started was a simple mural design has transformed into the brand identity.  The convergence of the black and white zig zag lines is what brings those supporters of the brand together.  The art through the division is what unites our brand as the pattern becomes synonymous for 'Hollywood Hamilton.'

Started in Philadelphia. Currently residing in Tampa. Sold worldwide.

United by the Divide.

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