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Spring '21 Collection

The Hollywood Hamilton Spring '21 Collection pushes the brand in a direction not seen before. While the Spring '21 Collection will hold a variety of products including new extended length tees, regular fit fees, hoodies, men's accessories, and several restocks from previous Collections, there are plenty of firsts that you will see from the brand this season.  The major focal point throughout this season's collection release is color.  New colors. Brighter colors. An expanded color palette.  Many of the colorways introduced this season are entirely new.  You'll see tees in canary yellow, pale pink, and more classic tones like cream.  These bright and spring inspired tees are complimented with even bolder colors, like teal and peach, or touches of black to bring contrast.  For this season, we dropped a full line of our extended length tees with a variety of graphics.

Unlike our traditional hoodies of past collections, our 'Freddy' hoodie is a unique cut with lots of new features.  Freddy is cut with a straight hem cut in the front with an elongated back with a round hem finish.  Completed with open slit sides, this fit creates a unique style that is unlike anything else from the brand.  Additionally, the hoodie features our Freddy pattern which runs the upper chest, upper back, and outer hood.  It's bright and unique zig zag block pattern is loud but complimented with a solid black lower.

Other highlights of the Spring '21 Collection include the release of our first unisex jewelry piece, the 'HMLTN Proper' gold ring.  Entirely handmade, the 'HMLTN Proper' features the HMLTN name in an old English inspired text.  This single finger ring will release in a variety of sizes for both men and women. 

Spring Collection is set to release 3.15.21

Photographer: Jai Jacob

Hollywood Hamilton cream Circle logo tee spring '21 collection tampa streetwear
Hollywood Hamilton Tampa Private Yacht Club tee neon
Tampa Streetwear HMLTN Clothing Cursive tampa extended length tee pink lime george hamilton
Hollywood Hamilton Pastel Wave Zig Zag Tee tampa streetwear model george hamilton
Hollywood Hamilton boxed in tee spring streetwear tampa
black round hem extended length tee hollywood hamilton tampa
hollywood hamilton tampa streetwear designer george hamilton nike air presto
tampa yacht club tee hollywood hamilton close up
Model george hamilton wearing hollywood hamilton circle logo tee in cream
male model tampa wearing black round hem tee hollywood hamilton
mens clothing tampa streetwear cream round hem tee
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