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HH X Triumph America Motorcycles

Each year, Triumph Motorcycles unveils their latest lineup of motorcycles via a cross country tour. In 2020, Triumph Motorcycles America launched a 38-city Nationwide tour, titled the 'Best of the British' celebrating the European based brand's heritage and it's dedication to being the premier motorcycle brand. 


In part of Triumph's Tampa location tour stop, (our flagship city), Hollywood Hamilton x Triumph put together an exclusive collaboration featuring an art & fashion experience. unlike any other stop on the tour,  The collab project between HH  x Triumph paid homage to Triumph's British roots and blurred the lines between today's streetstyle fashion scene and how that can be seen in today's motorcycle riders. 


The official collaboration featured  6, one of a kind, hand-painted leather jackets, 6 custom motorcycle helmets, and a 16-Piece color changing photography print series. The collection featured HH's signature elements like its Zig-Zag pattern and Circle logos.  


Hollywood Hamilton deepened the collab process by bringing on some of Tampa's best street and pop artists in on the creative process. Each artist incorporated their own unique art and graffiti styles to blend the Hollywood Hamilton streetstyle mentality and triumph brand together in each helmet and jacket.  While many of the helmets and jackets were meant to be paired together, each jacket and helmet was a stand alone work of art.  The artists in the Collection featured Jason Skeldon, Michael Vahl, I.boms, and Frankie G; all local to the Tampa street art scene.

Hollywood Hamilton and London based photographer, AA.Vision. created a series of prints that truly 'blurred' the lines between Triumph Motorcycles and Hollywood Hamilton street fashion.  The series of prints featured the latest Triumph Motorcycles and HH fashion, shot throughout london and featured some of london's most iconic backdrops.  The RGB prints allowed the viewers to see the images change using different light sources.  

All photos shot by Savij Photography

Hollywood Hamilton Triumph Motorcycles crewneck sweatshirt
Hollywood Hamilton deep autumn tshirt with matching deep autumn stripe helmet hh x triumph collection
Hollywood Hamilton Zig Zag leather jacket custom leather jacket tampa
Hollywood Hamilton Motorcycle helmet custom motorcycle helmet tampa mens streetwear
Hollywood Hamilton limited edition striped motorcycle helmet tampa hh x triumph collection
Tampa streetwear hollywood hamilton x triumph collection
Hollywood Hamilton tampa zig zag leather jacket custom jacket
Hollywood Hamilton Zig Zag Motorcycle jacket with matching stripe helmet
Deep Autumn matching motorcyle helmet and tshirt triumph motorcycles
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