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'Blurred lines'

by HH x AA.Vision

'Blurred lines' is an 18-part limited edition print series originally released on February 2, 2020.  in a collaboration between Hollywood Hamilton and London based photographer, AA.Vision. The series of prints showcased the 'blurring' of lines between street style fashion and the modern age motorcycle riders.  

The full collection of prints was unveiled and on display during Triumph Motorcycle's 'Best of the British' Tour in Tampa, FL.  The series of prints featured the latest Triumph Motorcycles and HH fashion, shot throughout london, capturing some of london's most iconic backdrops and cityscapes. 


What may look like a collage-like image with tones of red and blue, when viewed through different light sources, The RGB prints allow the viewers to see multiple images which change with each tone of red or blue light source.  

The series of prints are numbered and only released as a 1 of 1 print.

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