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men's swim collection season 1

Summer '20

For summer 2020, we released our first season of men's swimwear, featuring a limited production 3-set swim collection.  As a Tampa based brand, releasing our first designs of men's bathing suits, we wanted our Collection to blend the elements of urban streetwear with patterns that engulf the lifestyle of southern living.  With floral patterns and our signature Zig-Zag designs, we've incorporated pops of bold colors to many elements throughout each suit.

The collection is constructed from high grade, soft, stretch polyester. Inside, is a mesh swim liner for support and structure. Functionality is also built into every pair. Dual side pockets are built in for easy grab and go items as well as one hidden zippered back pocket to secure your essentials without fear of losing them.

The Men's Swim Collection Season 1 by Hollywood Hamilton. Check out the detailed photos of the Peony Swim Trunks, the Zig-Zag Swim Trunks, and the Summer Day Rose Swim Trunks.

Hollywood Hamilton swimsuit peony men's swim trunks
Hollywood Hamilton swimsuit close up of peony waistband
Hollywood Hamilton Clothing mens bathing suit peony print with logo close up
Full front view of Hollywood Hamilton peony mens bathing suit on yellow background
Peony mens pattern print bathing suit hollywood hamilton clothing tampa streetwear
Hollywood Hamilton peony bathing suit back pocket with zipper
Hollywood Hamilton bathing suit zig zag print on yellow backdrop
Zig zag bathing suit website final mock.
Close up of Hollywood Hamilton clothing zig zag pattern mens bathing suit with lining
Close up of Hollywood Hamilton swim trunks zig zag print
mens bathing suits tampa streetwear luxury clothing mens bathing suits
close up of Hollywood Hamilton Clothing official logo on zig zag bathing suit
Hollywood Hamilton swimsuits Summer Day Rose front view
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