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street art Miami Wynwood Edition

Street art is more than just art. It's a movement. Miami is an epicenter when it comes to the street art scene not only here in Florida, but in the USA. With global events such as Art Basel, to the historic Wynwood walls, you can find works of art from some of the most prolific street artists of today. Walking through Wynwood, you can find plenty of Alec Monopoly and Shepard Fairey murals.  You might even see walls plastered with droopy eyes, courtesy of one of Miami's own artists, Ahol Sniffs Glue.

 As we are a brand based in Tampa, we frequently get to Miami to continue to tie together street art and street fashion. 

Here's some street art we've capture from some of our trips.

Hollywood Hamilton clothing x ahol sniffs glue mural wynwood miami street art
Hollywood Hamilton clothing street art Alec Monopoly mural miami wynwood pink rolls royce monopoly man richie rich
Graffiti pop art miami wnywood graffiti mural street art
wynwood back alley covered in graffiti and street art
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