London is among the top of the list of cities when it comes to iconic street art. From professionally painted murals to gritty underground graffiti, the London street art scene can be found thriving throughout the city. Greatly influenced by the New York graffiti scene in the 80's, London's own history of street art brings a unique mix of  collaboration between painters and writers and rivalries among friends.


While London is home to some of the most prolific street artists of our time, Visual artists from all across the globe have flocked to their walls to create urban masterpieces. from the wheat-pasted posters, street installations, sculptures, pop art, or the massive wall murals, street art can be observed from all over London.


As some walls, like famous artist, Banksy, remain protected, the majority of walls change daily, giving each walk during your morning routine a daily dose of appreciation and awe. While the weather may be gray and sometimes gloomy,  places like the famous Leake Street Tunnel, Brick Lane, Camden, and Shoreditch are keeping London's districts brighter than ever.

All photos shot by Hollywood Hamilton Clothing

Hollywood Hamilton clothing street art in shoreditch district of london
Hollywood Hamilton clothing London street art and graffiti art
Hollywood Hamilton Clothing  street art london mario cloud by Space Invader
Hollywood Hamilton Clothing x Ben eine peace is possible street art mural shoreditch london
Hollywood Hamilton clothing Graffiti in London shoreditch city street covered in grafitti
Hollywood Hamilton Clothing x Ben Eine Old London typography street art london shoreditch district
Hollywood Hamilton Clothing Banksy street art guard dog policeman walking dog banksky london
Hollywood Hamilton Clothing street art london neon mural