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Hollywood Hamilton leopard print swim trunks tampa mens swimsuits

In part of our Men's Swimwear Season 2. 


Our 'Grey Leopard" Swim Trunks will bring out the party animal in you.  In a masculine grey/black leopard print, you'll stand out as the alpha male as your suit is finished with flashes of color from the bright orange drawstring to the matching orange pockets. 

You'll be sure to not only impress, but win over all the ladies relaxing poolside as the alpha male. 



If you got your hands on any of our swim trunks from Season 1, you're in luck because you know the quality we stand by.  Our full Season 2 Collection swimwear styles are constructed from the same top quality, stretch polyester.   It's super soft to the touch with just the right amount of stretch and flexibility.  What does that mean?  ....It means it creates a fit that's not too loose but gives you some added stretch if you like things tighter.


For Season 2, we also feature the same sizing measurements and grading from Season 1, so, if you love how one fits, you'll love them all.  We designed these swim trunks with a 7" inseam so you'll be sporting a cut a little lower than mid-thigh. If you're looking for a shorter, more European cut, we suggest going a size smaller.  Be sure to check that your waist measurements are appropriate based off our flexible waistband. 


One thing we updated to make these trunks even better is the addition of eyelets to each pocket.  While other swim brands use cheap mesh that can rip and tear easily to line their pockets, we use high quality polyester with single eyelets stitched into each pocket.  This allows for easy water flow, so you don't get those awkward bubbles as soon as you hit the water.  We construct our pockets from the same great material we use on the outers and finished the pockets with clean, solid patterns that are durable and won't rip.


See size chart below for measurements.

'Grey Leopard' Swim Trunks