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Zig-Zag 'Ghost' Tee

In Part of our Summer '21 Part 2 Collection release. 


Our Zig-Zag 'Ghost' Tee is a true black on black look.  Finished in gloss black vinyl our 'ghosted' prints are visible in direct light, while in indirect lighting, create a disappearing design for a unique take.


This tee features both a left chest print and a full back print, both in our 'ghosted' print effect.


Our Zig-Zag box logo features HMLTN in the center surrounded by rectangles featuring our signature Zig-Zag pattern. 




Zig-Zag 'Ghost' Tee

Color: Black
  • Care Instructions

    Wash cold.

    Do not bleach.

    Tumble Dry.

    Do not iron.

  • Fit & Features


    • Features left chest Zig-Zag Box Logo in 'ghosted' all black gloss vinyl print


    • Back features oversized Zig-Zag Box Logo in 'ghosted' all black gloss vinyl print across the full back



    • Relaxed fit
    • Straight waistline hem



    • 100% Cotton
    • Finished with an HH Circle logo hem tag on the left sleeve


  • Size Chart

    Measurements S M L



    30" 30 3/4" 31 3/4" 34"
    Chest 19.5" 20 1/4" 22" 24 1/4"
    Hem 20" 21" 23 1/4" 24 1/2"
    Sleeve Length 9 1/4" 9 1/2" 10 1/2" 11"
    Sleeve Opening 7" 7 1/2" 8 1/2" 9"




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