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Ybor City Vibes T-shirt Hollywood Hamilton Clothing rolled cuff tee

In part of our Spring '21 Collection release.  


Tampa's our home.  If you've been to Tampa, then one of the main sights to see is the historic 7th Street of Ybor City.  Located just outside of downtown, Ybor (pronouced E-boar) has a history of it's own.  Its past is known for the cigars, pirates, and underground smuggling of alcohol, but throughout the brick lined streets of Ybor, you'll still find a staple to the city.....its chickens.  Wandering the streets without a care in the world, our Ybor City Vibes tee takes in those feeling of those weekend morning sunrises where you can sit outside one of Ybors shops and watch the chickens go by.  


The 'Ybor City Vibes' Rolled-Cuff Tee features an all black vintage inspired relaxed tee with stitched rolled cuffs.  The full color graphic is printed on the center chest.


Available in both black and white rolled-cuff tee versions.



Ybor City Vibes Rolled-Cuff Tee (Black)

Color: Black