close up view of male wearing peony swim trunks sitting on pool edge

Exclusive pre-order sale

Men's Season 2 Swim Collection pre order

The Men's Season 2 Swim Collection Pre-Order Sale is here.

This Season we are dropping 4 new limited edition swimsuits with all the best features. During our pre-order sale don't miss your chance to save by ordering early.

1 Swimsuit: $55 ($5 Savings)

2 Swimsuits $100 ($20 Savings)

3 Swimsuits: $126 ($54 Savings)

4 Swimsuits: $150 ($90 Savings)

Mix and match sizes and styles or buy 4 of the same style. You'll still get the discount.  


Be sure to use the following codes at checkout...

1 Swimsuit: SWIM5 (ALL CAPS)

2 Swimsuits: SWIM20 (ALL CAPS)

3 Swimsuits: SWIM54 (ALL CAPS)

4 Swimsuits: SWIM90 (ALL CAPS)

And remember all orders over $100 ship FREE

Swimsuits are estimated to ship June 1st, 2021.