Model wearing floral summer day rose swim trunks on roof

In part of our Men's Swimwear Season 1. The Summer Day Rosè. A little elegance...a little bit of disarray. These swim trunks feature a dark floral pattern with pops of pink, white, green, and champagne tones. On the left leg, 3 banded stripes wrap around with Hollywood Hamilton Clothing branded in an electrified scribble font.  You'll find accents of light pink inside the pockets, drawstring, and back hidden zipper flap to lighten the mood on the dark black base.


Constructed from top quality polyester, it's super soft to the touch with just the right amount of stretch and flexibility.  What does that mean?  ....It means it creates a fit that's not too loose but gives you some added space if you like things a little tighter to show off those thighs.


All three styles of our Season 1 Men's Swim Collection feature the same sizing structure, so, if you love one, you'll love them all.  We designed these swim trunks with a 7" in-seam so you'll be sporting a cut a little lower than mid thigh. If you're looking for a bit higher and more european cut,  we suggest going a size smaller if your waist measurements are appropriate based off our flexible waistband. 


See size chart below for measurements.

The Summer Day Rosè Swim Trunks