HH x i.boms Lady pink side view train

'Lady Pink' 

07-2020 Release Date


#1 of 2 'HH x iBOMS' Retro Graffiti Trains.


 This limited 2-piece model train collection was Inspired by 70s era graffiti and the image it portayed at the time. From the iconic New York subway systems to the outskirts of big city limits, graffiti was prevalent. In the 70s graffiti added to a general feeling of insecurity for many of the citizens. Having scribbles freely applied on public property with apparently no punishment seemed to contribute to the overall sense of lawlessness that plagued the metropolis in this period. 


Streetwear, in some ways, during the rise of the subculture created similar feelings.


The name 'Lady Pink' references and pays homage one of the leading female graffiti artists in the NY graffiti scene.

IBOMS x HH Tank Car Train - 'Lady Pink'

  • Art Specs

    'Lady Pink' is created using mixed media on model trains

    • 17" x 7" x 5" in size
    •  Hand signed by artist, iBOMS 
  • Shipping

    We usually take 2-5 business days to produce non-apparel (posters, art etc.) products......so you can usually expect a 5-7 business day from order to delivery.