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Hollywood Hamilton Freddy Hoodie

In part of our Summer '21 Collection Part 1 Release.  This year Friday the 13th falls on August 13th.  The 'Freddy' Hoodie pays homage to Nightmare on Elm Street with its Freddy Kruegar x HH Zig-Zag Mash up design.  


The overall cut of the hoodie features a straight hem cut in the front, with an extended, slightly rounded hem in the back, for an extended streetstyle look.  The hoodie also features 2" open slit sides.


The upper design of the 'Freddy' features a Freddy Kruegar inspired colorway with it's Green/Red blocks.  Additionally, the block pattern features splatters and slashes and finished with our signature black and white zig-zag styled elements.  The hoodie is also wrapped fully in the pattern.


Our front center HMLTN finished screen print is as if Freddy Kruegar himself wrote it out in cursive and decided to leave lasting cut marks 'boxing' the logo in.


'Freddy' Hoodie